Saturday, August 27, 2016

This summer the sky was always blue and the sun was always shining. There were picnics by the seaside. (If you look closely at the right side of this photograph, you can see a woman with an easel painting the view.)

There were lovely meanders through coastal villages full of old-fashioned charm and beautiful flowers.

Our own garden flowers were magnificent this season, as were the many rose-hued sunsets.

The view inside from our backdoor: Indiana Jones loves sitting next to my 1960's Swiss-made, seafoam-green Hermes typewriter.

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to adopt a big white rabbit named Lucky. He and Indiana Jones became fast friends.

Does this scene look familiar? It is the replica of an old fishing shack in Rockport, Massachusetts known as 'Motif #1' and is the most often-painted building in America.

This summer there were birds and butterflies to watch and identify, marshmallows to roast, novels to read, socks to knit (I started three different pairs and didn't finish any of them!), ice cream to eat, and flea markets to explore. Our swimming pool was in constant use, and it was a banner year for our vegetable and flower gardens. We entertained out-of-town guests for a few nights and went out-of-town ourselves for a few days.

Amid the bright summertime, there was some darkness, too. The winds of change and uncertainty continue to blow briskly here, and I continue to pray and hope in Christ. Only He knows what tomorrow will bring. Through Him I have learned to treasure every small bit of loveliness and peace, and to nurture within myself and others a grateful spirit.

I haven't been able to blog all summer, and considering my present circumstances I almost decided to give it up entirely, especially since so many of my favorite bloggers have moved on to Instagram. But, my family really enjoys my blog, and it is the only form of social media in which I participate. So, here I am at a new place. My old blog is still up for the moment, but I will likely remove it in the coming weeks. I plan to post here as frequently as I can; only I have no idea how often that will be.

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