Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The last tree in our yard to shed its leaves is a Norway maple that turns bright gold in November. Its shining beauty greets me every morning. And when the wind blows, it sings a joyous song. 

The woods are especially beautiful now. Spending time among the trees, rocks, and water helps me to remember that the world is good. Yes, life brings disappointment and hardship, but there is always joy and goodness to be found. Cultivating a spirit of reverence and gratitude for all of life gives me the courage to face whatever lies ahead with trust and optimism rather than bitterness and despair. God provides a surplus of grace--plenty to share with everyone I meet.

What is grace? It is unmerited love; it is help and hope for the day.


November is a month of celebrations at our house. Emmeline's sixteenth birthday was last Friday. Her older siblings took the day off of work so they could be with her. We gave her gifts, chocolate cake, and lots of love.

I haven't done any knitting at all this autumn and very little reading. I am, however, very busy with  mothering and homemaking, which are two things I love even more. So, today I packed up my knitting project (from the summer) and put it away for another time.

November is a month of storm clouds, lavender sunsets, and milk-glass moons. 

The other day around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, this sharp-shinned hawk landed in our tree. The moon was already rising in the sky.


Emmeline and I did the hard work of preparing the garden beds for winter. I am waiting for the rain to stop so I can finish mulching the roses. Then, anytime after that, it can snow. : ) In Finland, some of my favorite bloggers already have snow!